How Does The Tasting Room Work?
Our tasting room is only open to the public Thursday 3pm to 8pm, Fridays 3-9pm, Saturday 11-7pm and Sunday 11-5pm. When visiting our tasting room, you can expect a complimentary sample of each of the currently available beers. If you decide that you like one, you may purchase a pint for on premise consumption and/or growler/growlette fills for off premise consumption.  Feel free to bring your own glass growler/growlettes, as we also accept non-Beer’d vessels.
What Types Of Identification Will You Accept?
You look young, consider it a complement. Please bring a valid state issued ID or passport if you would like to taste or purchase any of our wares.
Can I Buy A Pint Or Drink My Growler At The Brewery?
No, you can’t drink your growler/growlette but you are more than welcome to buy a few pints while at the brewery.
If I Buy A Pint Can I Keep The Glass?
Unlike some breweries we are licensed to sell beer and wine by the glass.  Help us keep your cost low, and return the glass to the bar when you’re done.  Don’t worry, if you like the glassware they are available for purchase.
What Methods Of Payment Are Accepted?
We accept cash, credit card, and soon Apple Pay.
Can You Handle Large Parties?
We ask that you please contact us in advance of your group’s planned visit, this should help us better accommodate your request.  If you would like to book the brewery for a private event, please click here and complete the form.
Is Your Tasting Room Child Friendly?
While we don’t have Candy Land available for play, we do our best to accommodate all families.
What Beers Do You Have?
You can follow us on any of the following social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with our frequently changing offerings (We don’t like to eat and drink the same thing every day, and we doubt you do either). We also update our voicemail on any given day that we are open (860-213-9307), with the current draft list. Please note it is not uncommon that we may sell out of our offerings before we are able to update any of these lists.
Where Else Can I Purchase Your Beers?
Most of our production goes out in growlers because this is the freshest, best quality beer we can provide. We have also partnered with a few CT based establishments that pour our beer on a regular basis:

  • The Engine Room
  • Pizzetta
  • Max Burger
  • J. Timothy’s
  • Eli Cannons
  • Coalhouse Pizza
  • Westbrook Lobster
  • Two Brother’s Pizza
  • Mikro

Please note we do not currently bottle our beer but are starting to offer cans.

How Do I Get A New Growler/ Growlette?
After completing your tasting, if you decide you would like a growler filled we offer them for sale at the price of $5.00 for both the 32 and 64 ounce vessels plus the cost of the beer.
Can I Bring My Own Growler And Do You Exchange Growlers?
We are happy to fill non-Beer’d growlers as long as the vessel is clean. We do not exchange growlers, the growler you hand us is the growler we hand back to you.
How Are Growlers Filled At Beer’d?
Because we care about the quality of our beer, we purge growlers with CO2 and then counter pressure fill them. We find that this leaves the beer with a two week shelf life, when stored unopened and cold. Due to growlers being filled under pressure, weak glass is susceptible to damage during the fill process. Should your jug break during the process, Beer’d Brewing will replace it with a new branded 64-ounce or 32-ounce growlette jug.
What Can I Expect After Ordering?
Upon ordering we will ask for your cell phone # and your growler/growlette will be added to our queue. We utilize a digital wait list system that will then text you a link where you can check your status and current wait times. We do our best to process growlers/growlettes on a first in, first out basis however occasionally a slower brand will move quicker than the most popular brand in the queue. Upon completion of your order, we send you a text informing you that your growlers are now available for pickup. If you’ll be a few minutes, you can text us back to let us know, or if you’re ready, you can approach the counter where we’ll hand over your order.