The Beer’d Brewing Co. believes in supporting local community charities that better the world one day at a time. While we would love to donate to all causes, we sometimes have to respectfully decline. We will try to support your charity if possible, but please understand that we cannot guarantee a reply. Please note, arrangements to pick up donations must be made in advance, someone from your organization will have to pick up the donation for your event at our taproom in Stonington, CT (Those picking up beer must be 21 years of age or older and will be required to provide age verification. The individual must also be associated with the charity or nonprofit organization).


  • Educational, Environmental, Humane and Scientific organizations
  • Health and Human service providers
  • Cultural and artistic institutions
  • Veterans’ Organization
  • Labor, Agricultural, and Horticultural Organizations
  • Animal Organizations


  • Non-registered 501(c) organizations. You will be required to submit a copy of your registration document
  • Beer outside of Connecticut
  • Schools (for example, any high school sports team) or functions that cater to children/persons below the age of 21
  • Networking events, mixers or conference
  • Events hosted by a retail company to bring attention to the organization itself, its products or its services (i.e. grand openings)
  • We also cannot donate to schools (for example, any high school sports team) or functions that cater to children/persons below the age of 21.


Connecticut law requires that charitable organizations (including nonprofits) obtain a Temporary Liquor Permit prior to having beer available at events sponsored by the organization. In order to ensure that product donations from Two Roads Brewing are in compliance with Connecticut law, a copy of your Temporary Liquor Permit is required before a product donation will be released from the brewery. You can obtain an Application for a Temporary Liquor Permit at the Connecticut state website by clicking here. (link:


If you have any questions about state liquor regulations as they pertain to your event, please contact the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, Liquor Control Division, at (860) 713-6200.

Please use THIS LINK to submit your Donation Request. Thank you!

We are very proud to work closely with Running For Rescues and offer our Running Somewhere Else Run Club every Thursday April – October to raise money for animals in need of assistance. Join us on a run and receive a free pint in our Stonington taproom afterwards!

Or feel free to visit our shop for some swag to help us get the word out and send some funds to our friends at Running For Rescues!