Running Somewhere Else Run Club

(In partnership with Running for Rescues)

Come join us for a pint & a run, it’s all for a good cause.

  1. Donate $20 dollars to Running for Rescues and receive Your Run/Pint Card. (Cash OR Checks Made Out To: Running for Rescues)
  2. Run with us on Thursday, April 5th for our first run.
  3. Join us for a free pint after your run and get your run/pint card stamped
  4. Repeat [Running Somewhere Else every Thursday starting at 5pm (April thru October)]
  5. Receive 10 Beer’d Stamps and submit to Beer’d Crew.  Deadline: 10.25.2018
  6. Receive after hours party invite and win free swag

Run/Pint Cards may be purchased til August 16, 2018