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General Law Public Hearing

February 28,2019
10AM Room 2E

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H.B. 7184 & H.B. 7183

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HOUSE BILLS 7184 & 7183

KEY Proposed BILLS

The Scoop

(interpreted to the best of our understanding)

Changing of package store permits issued per residents in town from 1 for every 2500 residents to 1 for every 5000 residents ( current holders are grandfathered in)

Breweries, Wineries, and Cideries may conduct special catering events on premise

Retail permitees will be allowed to acquire 10 permits an increase from 5

Retail accounts may sell 10 items below cost. Increase from 1.

Allowing of mixed cases sold from wholesale at wholesale price

Wholesalers can sell to retailers mixed cases of alcoholic liquor

Monthly price posting for non uniform cases must have the case and unit prices posted

A new Mead manufacturing permit

Change in liquor manufacturers permits sized of production from less than 25,000 to less than 100,000 gallons of spirits to sell bottles at retail for off premise consumption

The removal of limits for direct to consumer retail sales from a brewery for the consumption off premise

Cideries are allowed to sell cider for on premise consumption

Farm Wineries are allowed to sell beer for on premise consumption when visiting their taprooms

Allow Farm Breweries to sell wine for on premise consumption from a farm winery

Manufacturer brew pub permits allowed to sell wine/brandy for on premise consumption produced from a farm winery

Out of state retailer shippers permits for wine allowed to ship and sell wine from out of state in state

Package stores allowed to ship beer out of state subject to applicable laws of each states laws

Allow wholesalers to give free good and value services for alcoholic liquor for package store permitees.

Allow package store permittees to offer promotional items and novelty items to promote or advertise min prices products at such store and prohibiting the use of coupons to be used for promotions.

H.B. 7183
(interpreted to the best of our understanding)

Allow manufacturers and out of state shippers to leave wholesaler relationships after 6 months and not have to go to court / Department of Consumer Protection to drop such relationship.

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  2. Politely express why you support the raising of limits for direct to consumer sales from a brewery for off-premise consumption in Connecticut
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Sample Letter (feel free to use for your legislator)

Dear (insert senator or representative name here).

I am a huge advocate for the growth of our CT breweries and urge you to support House Bills 7184 & 7183. Changes to our beer laws are significantly overdue and the changes proposed in these bills would bring Connecticut’s wholesaler, retailer and manufacturers up to speed with the majority of our country and level the playing field for all.

As a frequent customer of our Connecticut craft breweries I strongly support the removing of the limits for direct to consumer sales from breweries for beer to-go for off-premise consumption. This change would significantly increase the growth of our Connecticut breweries while allowing them to be more competitive nationwide. Additionally, this increase will allow breweries to create more jobs with a streamlined cashflow, drive in more tourism from out of state with customers knowing they can grab beer for themselves, family and friends when they visit their favorite breweries, and expedite the excise tax in which the state receives when beer is sold at retail (the point at which it is collected).

Currently 37 states including the District of Columbia have No Limits on direct to consumer sales from breweries for beer to go, while Connecticut ranks 47th with a limit of 9 liters per person per day. This equates to less than a case of 16 oz cans. With our neighboring states of Massachusetts and New York having no limits on direct to consumer sales from a brewery, Connecticut is falling behind on our potential to gain these sales and drive customers into our breweries and surrounding local businesses.

When the limit was raised from 8 liters to 9 liters in 2012 we had 2,475 breweries operating in the U.S. As of 2017, we had 6,372 breweries operating. Thats a growth of 157% in 5 years and here in Connecticut haven't changed our beer laws to accommodate for the growing competition. As this industry continues to grow nationwide with breweries opening everyday, its becoming more competitive to give consumers a reason to visit our Connecticut breweries. Having a limit on how much one can buy to go is significantly impacting the customers decision to visit Connecticut breweries when they can just go to Massachusetts or New York and purchase as much as they would like direct from the brewery. Now is the time to adapt our beer laws and make Connecticut a business and brewery friendly state.

I have attached some insights provided by the Brewers Association (www.brewersassociation.org) to show you the impact of this growing industry as well as a list of the direct to consumer limits by state rankings to help educate you on the craft beer industry and what it can do to our great small state.


(insert your name here)

#supportctbeer #nolimits

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