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Standing Somewhere Else

We are an independent craft brewery based out of the American Velvet Mill in Stonington, CT, now open at a 2nd facility in Groton, CT. Officially considered a Microbrewery, our combined 1,085 gallon/35 BBL brew houses proudly produce a wide variety of brews each year – from our tried and true favorites to our experimental small batch brews. We make the most of our smaller production size by focusing on innovation and creativity – regularly putting our heads together to come up with something fresh, exciting and unexpected for our customers.

We believe in making great beer for everyone, not just the hop heads and beer nerds (though, we can’t deny that many of us are totally both of those things). We want to make craft beer accessible to everyone – to meet you where you’re at with a beer that pleases your palate, whether you’ve been drinking craft beer for years or it’s your first sip.

It’s not about getting famous on the ’gram. We’re not living the craft beer life because it’s popular – we’re in it for the long haul because it’s what we LOVE. We are passionate about bringing you bold, creative flavors and inviting beer lovers everywhere to feel at home in our ’hood.

“It’s nice because you can trust each other, you really know that person and you can build the dream together.” – Aaren

The Brains & Heart Behind the Beer’d

The story of how Beer’d Brewing came to be started back in 2005, when Aaren & Precious met on the campus of Rochester Institute of Technology. While their love for each other sparked instantly, their love for beer was a slow burn – starting with an elective course on Beers of the World and developing into a fascination with home-brewing. Neither suspected that their shared love of craft beer would develop into the dream they are currently living as owners of Beer’d Brewing. But all the batches of home-brew shared among friends and the countless nights where their pillow-talk revolved less around romance and more around beer brought them to a crossroads: They could either continue as hobby home-brewers, working their regular 9-5’s, all the while wishing they were brewing, or they could step out into uncharted territory and try to make their dreams a reality. They chose to be bold – to take the leap into the great unknown, hand-in-hand. And thus, Beer’d Brewing was born. 

Ours is a story of what is possible when creative vision meets stubborn ambition and combines with the trust and respect that comes from building not just a business but a life together. And no matter how we grow, no matter how many beers we sell or how many customers walk through our doors, we’ll never lose sight of the moments and people that brought us here.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us make this dream a reality. We might be the brains behind this operation, but we know you, our supporters and patrons, are the heart and we can’t thank you enough.​


Aaren & Precious

“I get to work with my best friend, that part is amazing. Not many people get to do that.” – Precious

We Believe in Quality First

Our number one priority is consistent quality in every single one of our brews – even if it means pushing back a release or cancelling it all together. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that every sip of every beer is just right. Our customers deserve nothing but the best, and we’re dedicated to giving it to them.

We Are A Family

Every employee at Beer’d is a member of our family. We care about their lives, their families, their fur-babies as if they were our own. It’s important to us that we maintain close relationships with every member of the team and that each person feels valued, respected and cared for. And we hope that our patrons feel as though they’ve been welcomed into the family as well!

We Are Humble

We have a point of view but don’t belittle our competitors or people who don’t share it.

We are a team that strives to make an awesome product and experience for our guests but we are balanced and humble. We acknowledge when we fail, admit it, embrace it and learn from it for the best interests of our team and community.

We Are Bold

We know what we like and what we’re good at – but we love getting creative and experimenting a little. We champion innovation and fresh ideas and pride ourselves on our ability to stand somewhere else entirely instead of just standing out in the crowd.

Meet the Fam

Our team is comprised of a few dozen oddballs, weirdos and nerds. And we love every single one of them (and all of their fur babies!).

We are one big, slightly unusual family and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Aaren Simoncini
Precious Putnam
Bryan Benedict
Director of Sales
Julie Champagne
Ben Radon
Head Brewer
Justin Salley
Head Brewer
Laura Edelstein
Taproom Manager
Taproom Manager
Spencer Fogg
QA/QC Assistant Brewer
Lee Metzger
Assistant Brewer
Graig Murphy
Assistant Brewer
Alex Williams
Assistant Brewer
Canning Lead
Tom Dubitsky
Sales Representative
Evan Hill
Sales Representative
Cassie Sprague
Warehouse Manager