Newsletter- September 2014

This summer has been crazy for us here at Beer’d Brewing, and shows no sign of slowing down. A currently ongoing expansion is taking place, doubling the floor space of the already existing brewery into an adjacent space. The goal with this expansion is not only to make the tasting room more serviceable, but to also allow for a significantly larger volume in the fermentation cellar. Currently Beer’d is working with a 3 barrel brew house and 36 barrels worth of serviceable fermentation capacity. With the existing capacity and the planned additions Beer’d should jump into the 70 barrel cellar range.

Collaboration has also been a major focus with two new collaborations slated for release between October and November. Already released in August, Beer’d collaborated with Night Shift Brewing of MA on Tropical Hydra, an American IPA featuring a super juicy profile coaxed out through the use of Amarillo, HBC 342, and Wakatu hops. The beer was also conditioned with pineapples and clementine juice. The yet to be named version features a number of ingredients including pineapple and lime juice as well as Citra and Mosaic hops. Also rehashing last year’s Nano-A-Nano collaboration with Relic Brewing of Plainville, the duo will work up a new iteration of a unique Belgian style beer, slated to be released in late November.

Finally, Beer’d Brewing will be celebrating Two Years Of Beer with a bash scheduled for mid November. You can expect live music, food trucks and plenty of beer. Tickets will be sold in advance via the tasting room and online. Check the website and Facebook feed for details as they become available.