Run Club


Come join us for the Running Somewhere Else Run Club.
Every Thursday in the summer we open our doors starting at 6pm. This is open to runners, walkers and the non-athletics.

This year we are partnering with Running for Rescues, Inc.

The event is pints and cans only no growler fills.


We are excited and honored to announce that we are in this month’s issue of BeerAdvocate!

To celebrate, the first 25 people through the door get this month’s issue!!!

Doors open at 5pm!Lilly reading BeerAdvocate over Tea

Hobbit Juice

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Brewery: Beer’d Brewing Company
Beer: Hobbit Juice
Style: Imperial India Pale Ale
ABV: 9.2%

Throwback to that time I was working in Connecticut and was able to make a small visit to Beer’d Brewing Company. After talking to the locals in Groton and consulting with my friend and New England beer scene expert Tish, this small brewery came highly recommended. The Stonington based micro-brewery is hidden inside a building along Bayview avenue that also houses many other small businesses. Once you find the Beer’d, you are welcomed by friendly servers who offer complimentary tasters of all the beers on tap. Being the West Coast Hop head that I am, it was no surprise that my palate wanted a pint of their Nelson hopped Imperial IPA, Hobbit Juice.

Hobbit Juice.

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Beer’d Online Store

Beer’d Tap Handles Now Available Online!!

Tap HandleThis hand crafted Beer’d Brewing tap handle makes a great gift for the home brewer or any beer enthusiast!

The entire handle measures 7″ tall with a graduation of approximately 3/4″ to 2″ from bottom to top.

Each tap will fit a standard tap with a 3/8″-16 thread.

**Each handle is unique, but as beautiful as shown.**

Glassware now available online!

Realization and  (Tulip) Organized Play Date (Teku)

Realization and (Tulip) Organized Play Date (Teku)


Get yours before they are gone!

Running Somewhere Else run club

Who’s ready for a beer run?

Starting Thursday, June 25th from 6pm-8pm The Beer’d Brewing Co. will be hosting the Running Somewhere Else run club!

This is open to runners, walkers and the non-athletics.

This Thursday we have a cask of Dogs & Boats with white peaches.

The event is pints only no growler fills.

Run Club